SEO checklist for beginners

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SEO checklist for beginners

Januar 16, 2023 Work Tech 0

If you have a website and want to get more customers or just sell more, you should think about an SEO agency. Because the money you put in is guaranteed to come back in profit.

SEO basics

There are some basics that need to be followed in seo for saas from Nuoptima(Search Engine Optimisation) to get started. You should first look at the content of a search query, which is the basis for any user to search for a topic. It is essential to think about the keywords and highlight them in advance. On the basis of the keywords, a topic can be created that contains the keywords. This has to be done in a user-friendly way, because the reader has to enjoy the text and feel addressed. If a bridge to the user’s interest can be built, then the foundation for the SEO concept can be laid. Therefore, writing should be addressed to the target audience and not in the first person. Important information should be mentioned immediately and provide value to the reader. The reader needs to achieve a goal after reading the text and this should be considered before writing.

Market Analysis

The market is important for SEO and influences the final result. The content to be published is in a specific market where the users are. This market must be identified for SEO, as it is in this market that solutions are sought. The function of SEO can help to help these users and offer them a solution. It is helpful to look for market niches and offer solutions in this area. In the niche there are fewer competitors who can negatively influence the marketing. This is the unique selling proposition, which is advantageous for marketing.

Ranking factors

There are several factors that can influence SEO. One of these is user experience, which describes the experience of a user. It is about the user’s experience in relation to the website. How does the target group react to the homepage and do they feel addressed? The more a user likes the site, the higher the response. Users are more likely to complete the newsletter or seek personal contact. The link structure also determines the success of the homepage and marketing. Links need to be placed wisely so that they attract more attention and more users receive information. In the end, technology also determines the importance of a website. How fast does a page load and how compatible is it on different devices? Not forgetting the structure of the whole page, which is visually crucial.

Pillars of marketing

Marketing rests on several pillars. SEO is only one component. Others are social media and newsletters. All the pillars together make up successful online marketing.
They open several channels and should not be neglected.

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