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Woman shopping online for custom and hand made jewelry

Set up a small online store for jewelry – this is how it works

Having your own small online store is a dream for many. Work from home and earn extra money independently – why not? Many, for example, tinker with jewelry and sell it. How to set up the online store? Why set up an online store? With an online store, self-made products can be sold without having…

April 27, 2023 0
Computer Keyboard black with light

What do the gaming leaks really bring

When a new game is announced, gamers can hardly wait until there is the first information about the content. Game developers naturally want to keep it under wraps as long as possible so that interest remains as high as possible. Nevertheless, content is leaked bit by bit. This is done deliberately by the developers, as…

Oktober 25, 2022 0
Excited and Concentrated Gamer Girl

Old School RuneScape – A Retro Online Game Experience

Almost 20 years after the original release, the developer of the game Jagex is releasing a new version of what was once the biggest MMORPG. In 2001, the popular browser game came onto the market. There are currently two versions. The Old School RuneScape has been developed at the request of the players. And more…

November 22, 2021 0
LED Leuchten

Gu10 Lampen Fassungen

Ob Halogenlampen oder LED Lampen: Die GU10 Fassung ist eine der häufigsten Sockel bei der Lampenfassung. ES handelt sich hierbei um eine Bezeichnung für eine gewisse Art von Lampenfassungen, die auf dem Markt standardmäßig für LED Lampen und Halogen Lampen erhältlich sind. Entsprechender Sockel Die Bezeichnung Gu10 Fassung ist der entsprechende Sockel. Das „G“ ist…

Mai 21, 2021 0

Beautiful ideas for home and garden

The summer season is just around the corner and the owner of the house and garden should consider how to make the garden even more attractive for themselves and guests. The following is about the garden, its usability and also the beautification of it. Combine benefits and embellishment A garden has many functions for humans.…

Februar 26, 2021 0

Unique Japanese design

Burnt Wood cladding is a typical Japanese style of wooden facade on houses. The technique used to make it is also known as Yakisugi. This technique is primarily about the preservation of wood, rather than aesthetics. However, the trend is also on the rise in the West. Yakisugi already contains what the procedure is about:…

Februar 19, 2021 0