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Unique Japanese design

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Burnt Wood cladding is a typical Japanese style of wooden facade on houses. The technique used to make it is also known as Yakisugi.
This technique is primarily about the preservation of wood, rather than aesthetics. However, the trend is also on the rise in the West.

Yakisugi already contains what the procedure is about: Yaki means „burn“ and Sugi means „sifting fir“. The technique is about easily charring the wood on the surface without burning it. If the wood is also burned in the deeper layers, it loses its insulating capacity and durability. The real practical meaning behind the yakisugi process is that the wood gets water-repellent properties by carbonizing. It is also more resistant to weather and parasite infestation and therefore longer-lasting overall. It is also less flammable, more at nakamotoforestry.de. The logic behind this is very simple: if you have ever tried to re-ignite an already coupled match, then you know that this is a sing of impossibility.

The technology

The method in a traditional Japanese style works as follows: Three boards are assembled into a triangle and fixed. In the middle, a fire is lit, usually by a simple piece of paper. The boards are evenly charred, because their arrangement creates a kind of fireplace that distributes the flames evenly. When the paper is glowing, the wooden boards are separated from each other and extinguished with water.
Industrial processes are now used in the mass production of wooden facades with burnt wood cladding, but their effect achieves the same.


Trend in Europe

Until now, the style has not been very common in Europe. However, the technique of carbonating wood is also suitable for European wood. However, many modern houses are now equipped with this technology. Not only does it have an immense practical advantage, but Yakisugi is also stylistically not to be despised.
Charred wood in perfect shape has its very own charm and is so very modern. The facades of the houses are of course black and therefore very aesthetic. The organic element is never to be imagined without it. For his eccentric projects, for example, the architect Terunobu Fujimori uses the burnt wood as the core element of his design. He even christened a famous house of his „Yakisugi House“. It is located in Nagano City.

Modern architects have long since discovered the charm of Yakisugi. It is therefore only a matter of time before the trend arrives. In the meantime, you may have to pay a lot of money to bring home the characteristic, organic and incomparably enchanting look of Yakisugi. But one thing is certain: we all want it!

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