Beautiful ideas for home and garden

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Beautiful ideas for home and garden

Februar 26, 2021 Home Tech 0

The summer season is just around the corner and the owner of the house and garden should consider how to make the garden even more attractive for themselves and guests. The following is about the garden, its usability and also the beautification of it.

Combine benefits and embellishment

A garden has many functions for humans. It can serve as an oasis of relaxation so that the owner can distract himself and recover from everyday work. This works by deliberately relaxing one and the others even working in it to plant something or mow the lawn. They can switch off better and come up with other thoughts. It can also serve as a common task for the parents and be fun for both. In addition, children can learn something about how to care for the garden, for example, how plants thrive best and how to take care of something in a fundamentally responsible way.

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When is the right time to plant

So to beautify the garden accordingly, the owner should choose the right time. The ideal time for this is generally spring to autumn. Because the new plants and trees need a frost-free soil so that they can strike properly. Therefore, a possible frost should be possible in any case. Herbs, on the other hand, can be planted or replanted again and again by the house gardener, as they grow relatively quickly and yield.

Ideas for a beautiful and rich garden

So that everyone has something of the garden, the connoisseurs and also the users, it is best to have a mix of beauty and cultivation of fruit trees, herbs and vegetables there. Fruit trees are usually planted quickly and are generally easy to maintain. Because the elaborate cutting of the trees takes place only when they are already older. Previously, care is relatively easy.

If you want to have a new outfit regarding your herb garden, you should either create a high bed or spiral herb garden. For this he puts on the bricks round and ascending. Thin Stone as a stone to be used are very chic and could be a corresponding idea. He then inserts the potting soil and can then plant the herbs. However, he has to see which herbs best fit together and favor each other. Others, on the other hand, can be harmful and prevent the first herbs from thriving.

The high bed, on the other hand, has the advantage that the user puts less strain on his back if it is applied appropriately high. It should definitely be used for herbs or fruit, which grows flat and is also harvested more frequently. Strawberries, chives and parsley, for example, are ideal for this.

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